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A DPLG architect, Benoît GRIMAUD also holds a Master's degree in Real Estate Management,
de la Construction et de l'Aménagement (MICA) from the Marseille-Luminy business school. After working for J.M. ROCHE and ROCCARO Architecture in France,
he moved to Australia to collaborate with DESIGN INC and BURNS DESIGN ARCHITECTURE. The Australian experience enabled him to work on large-scale projects.

Trained in thermography and infiltrometry, Benoît GRIMAUD has taken a number of training courses, including bioclimatic design, wood-frame construction, straw-frame construction and Passive House design to become a European Passiv Haus Designer (CEPH).

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Our philosophy

Your project | NaturARCH | Agence d'Architecture en éco-construction

Benoît GRIMAUD, architect DPLG, has created naturARCH for "Building in harmony with nature".
Contrary to popular belief, a bioclimatic design does not cost more than a conventional construction. It's simply a question of "common sense", such as orienting a house correctly, adapting to the natural terrain, protecting against prevailing winds, and so on. This is the architect's job.

Contemporary living
Our needs and our way of life are no longer the same as those of our ancestors. That's why naturARCH designs contemporary and even modern buildings to meet today's needs.
But without forgetting what our ancestors taught us: construction logic, techniques and materials. All things that are tending to disappear. We use their know-how, but with today's technologies, such as the use of renewable energy production systems: solar thermal, photovoltaic and so on.
Custom-built housing

All human beings are different, with their own needs, way of life and tastes.
All terrains are different, with their topography, orientation, soil type and flora.
Our architecture is the result of several requirements:

  • A customer,
  • A budget,
  • Urban planning regulations,
  • Environmental specificities,
  • Technical constraints.

We build your dream. Your project is unique and must reflect you.

Ecological habitat

naturARCH advocates the use of ecological and healthy materials. Wherever possible, it favours local, low-energy materials, i.e. those that require little grey energy.
Our ancestors knew this when they took stone, earth, wood and even straw from the site. They used these materials almost in their unprocessed state, avoiding all unnecessary displacement and transformation.

Low-cost, energy-efficient housing

NaturARCH will guide you in this direction.
In addition, naturARCH designs its buildings according to the principles of bioclimatic design and the passive house:
South-facing to encourage solar gain in winter,

Protection from direct sunlight in summer to avoid overheating and the use of air conditioning,

  • Buffer spaces,
  • Protection against cold winter winds,
  • Effective insulation with good air tightness,
  • Heat recovery,
  • Use of renewable energies,
  • Use of efficient household appliances.
Self-contained housing

How will you cope with a long power cut? Will you be able to keep yourself warm?
naturARCH designs buildings to be as self-sufficient as possible:

  • Rainwater harvesting,
  • Electricity generation using photovoltaic solar panels and/or wind turbines,
  • Production of domestic hot water by thermal solar panels,
  • Air cooling and preheating by Canadian well,
  • Etc.
All these principles contribute to the energy autonomy of our buildings.
Healthy living

Even if we can't see it, our environment is polluted. Protecting ourselves from it is essential.
What's more, as thermal requirements become ever more restrictive, we're creating increasingly airtight homes. That's why naturARCH recommends environmentally-friendly, healthy materials and ventilation systems adapted to your building.

Quality housing

What if we stopped this consumer society of "disposable everything"?
What's the point of building fast and cheap if it's only to demolish or renovate in 10 years' time?
Can't we take the time to think and reflect on what we're going to build?
natuARCH favors high-quality, long-lasting materials. This will save you money over the long term and add real value to your property.

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Your project | NaturARCH | Agence d'Architecture en éco-construction


naturarch offices

Located in Digne-les-Bains, this building will enable you to see bioclimatic and passive house design techniques adapted to the reality of a project:

Dreamhouse - Naturarch


Our project types

Your project | NaturARCH | Agence d'Architecture en éco-construction

We aim to create aesthetically pleasing spaces, incorporating sophisticated, high-end
design that inspires and elevates the experience of our customers (public or private). We work at
on all types of projects, whether new or existing, involving construction, extension, elevation, renovation or refurbishment.

NaturARCH, Project type, Ecological architecture with innovative building techniques, PACA
Your project | NaturARCH | Agence d'Architecture en éco-construction


Our areas of expertise

Our priority is to offer personalized support,
from start to finish, with a focus on excellence, innovation and respect for the environment. We work mainly in the following areas.

Some jobs may require other specialists, whom we can advise.

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Our specialities

Your project | NaturARCH | Agence d'Architecture en éco-construction

Naturarch specializes in the following areas.
Benoit GRIMAUD also gives lectures on these topics:

Francoul naturARCH


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The practice of the profession and the use of the title of architect are regulated. No one may practice and use the title without being registered on a regional roll
of the Ordre des Architectes. NaturARCH is registered with the PACA regional order of architects under number proS01274 and with the national order of architects under number S11056.

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At the time of registration, architects take an oath and commit
to respecting the Code of Professional Duties, which defines the architect's missions
and professional obligations: duty to advise and assist, obligations towards clients, etc. Failure to respect
these rules may result in disciplinary sanctions (warning, suspension, striking off the register).

Agence NaturARCH, Sustainable architecture, your project


The tasks you entrust to the architect are set out in a written contract, clearly indicating the mutual obligations of each party.
The conclusion of this project management contract is an obligation imposed by the Code of Professional Duties.

Agence NaturARCH, Sustainable architecture, Guarantees


NaturARCH is insured with the MAF (Mutuelle des Architectes français) under
identification number 256167/T/21. Architects are the only ones registered with a professional association, one of whose main missions
is to check that its members have actually taken out this insurance. Failure to take out such insurance may result in severe disciplinary sanctions.